Add the Comfort of a Neck Pillow to Your Bathtub


Anyone who travels on a regular basis knows a travel neck pillow is a must have. So comfortable and form-fitting, these pillows ease neck pain and tension without the inconvenience of dealing with a cumbersome full-sized pillow. So when creating a luxurious bathroom why not consider adding a neck pillow to your bathtub? Round, square, curved, straight or flat, … [Read more...]

Transform Your Master Bath into Your Personal Spa


Every home decor magazine, website and all those addictive home remodeling television shows are now touting the practical advantages of turning that basic bathroom into a luxury spa. While you look at the pictures and dream, in actuality doing this can increase your property value, make your en suite look fabulous and give you the perfect place to relax … [Read more...]

Out With the Old, In With the New: Decorative Plumbing Fixtures


You just found the home of your dreams and while it's a bit dated, that's just part of the charm...until you get to the bathroom and begin discovering all sorts of things you've never seen before. Did the original owners have a small child and lots of disposable income and that's why there is a miniature sink right next to the standard sized one? No, at one … [Read more...]

Add a Creative Flair to Your Kitchen Backsplash

stamped tin

Not in the mood to spend a lot of money and time on your kitchen backsplash? The latest kitchen and bath design trends are featuring eye-catching backsplashes that are both practical and exciting. While tile, stone and glass are wonderful backsplash materials, they can be problematic to install, especially if you're wanting to do the job yourself. Check … [Read more...]

Gorgeous Ways to Create More Space in a Modern Kitchen Remodel


Finally after all these years you've decided to get rid of that tired cramped kitchen and get the space of your dreams. You need more storage but perhaps cost is a concern or you really like the rest of your home and don't want to start ripping out walls. We here at Rampart Supply can offer practical ideas on how to bring more space into your new modern kitchen. These … [Read more...]