Treat Yourself to a Huge and Functional Kitchen Island


Planning a kitchen remodeling in Colorado allows you to get the kitchen of your dreams in both functionality and size. The larger the space, the more flexibility you have when it comes to design. Farmhouse Kitchen via Houzz Perhaps you've always wanted to include a casual dining area. Your architect has carved out space for a breakfast nook but you'd still like … [Read more...]

Embrace the Luxury of Black Without Creating a Bleak Bathroom


Incorporating the color black in your home decor can be tricky depending on where and how it is used. While many people are hesitant to use this shade in the bathroom, many of today's hottest bathroom design tips include adding black as both a primary and accent color. Contemporary Bathroom via Houzz Just as with any other hue, black comes in a wide … [Read more...]

Cheer Up Your Bathroom With Bright Colors


When you begin redecorating your home for the upcoming warmer weather, you immediately think of the living room, kitchen and bedroom...but what about the bath? These smart bathroom design tips can help get you started. If redecorating on a larger scale, go bold with your walls and flooring. Select an eye-catching color with plenty of texture. If you're afraid … [Read more...]

Ways to Bring Your Kitchen Into 2015


In the last few years, it seems as if architects have been focused on designing kitchen space solely for creating culinary masterpieces. For 2015, some of the hottest kitchen design trends are turning the space into a room where the entire family can gather, not just the cook. Kitchen islands are still huge, but instead of stationary built-in islands, the … [Read more...]

The Problem With Too-Frequent Showering


Nothing feels better than a nice long hot shower and if you're like the majority of us you probably shower once a day. Many people, depending on how active they are or their occupation, end up in the shower each morning and evening. As long as you're paying for the water and soap what does it matter how often you shower? Keep reading to find out. Transitional … [Read more...]