Bring Your Whole Bathroom Up to Date With Your New Fixtures


With the holidays fast approaching you want your home to be as inviting as possible for family and friends. But also since this is the number one gift giving time of the year, it might not be financially prudent to begin an entire bathroom remodeling project. But this doesn't mean you can't update your baths at minimal expense. Traditional Bathroom via Houzz Often … [Read more...]

Take a Fun Quiz to Find Your Ideal Kitchen Style


Maybe you're considering a kitchen remodeling in Colorado but aren't sure what design would be the best for both your space and your lifestyle. Here is a quick quiz to figure it all out. Now remember, answer honestly to create the kitchen of your dreams. The very first question helps set the tone and lays the foundation on which to build-out the space. It … [Read more...]

It’s Not the Size of the Kitchen That Matters: It’s How You Design It


Most people say if they could change one thing about their kitchen it would be the size. While a larger kitchen does have its advantages, it also requires additional time and energy to keep clean. Plus, when considering a major kitchen remodeling the additional square footage may be cost prohibitive. Farmhouse Kitchen via Houzz Often all a smaller kitchen … [Read more...]

Match Your Beautiful Plumbing With Stainless Steel Shelving in a Modern Kitchen


Stainless steel appliances have been popular for years and now kitchen design trends are beginning to incorporate the look and ease of stainless in everything from countertops to backsplashes. In the past stainless plumbing fixtures were mainly seen in commercial settings but now there is a wide selection of stainless fixtures perfect for a sleek contemporary … [Read more...]

An Outdoor Tub to Inspire Your Bath Remodel


Outdoor hot tubs and Jacuzzis have been popular for years but now with the introduction of master bath soaking tubs many designers are beginning to rethink their placement. Here in Colorado, it's not unusual to find homes with the master suite located at the rear of the home for both privacy and the gorgeous scenery. Taking advantage of both these components, … [Read more...]