Native Trails Does New Things With Concrete Sinks


The leader in artisan-crafted and sustainable kitchen and bath products, Native Trails is proud to introduce their fabulous new kitchen sinks made from a precise formula of concrete and jute fiber. This mixture, called NativeStone has created a material which is now on the cusp of reinventing concrete for home use. Contemporary Bathroom via Houzz When jute, … [Read more...]

Bring Summer Vacation Into Your Bathroom


Summer is slowly winding down but that doesn't mean you can't keep the memories of that relaxing vacation alive all year long in your master bath. Tropical greenery does so well in the bath because of all that glorious humidity. Hang several baskets of lush ferns or arrange a couple miniature palms or scheffleras around the back of the tub. This is an especially … [Read more...]

Beyond Function: Creating an Elegant Bathroom Space


Most days the majority of us are just happy our baths are functional and fairly clean. But then we experience those moments of inspiration when we look around and envision what the space could be. When that "aha" moment happens to you, consider adding some of these bathroom design tips to create a tastefully classic bath you'll enjoy for years to come. If … [Read more...]

Set it In Stone: Natural Stone Inspiration for the Bathroom

modern-bathroom (1)

Imagine gently flowing water streaming down a mountain creek or a day at the beach watching the waves crash against the shoreline rocks. Something about both those scenarios make you feel so calm and relaxed. These great bathroom design tips offer fantastic ideas on including natural stone in unique and stunning ways. Modern Bathroom via Houzz When the view … [Read more...]

Bright and Cheerful Inspiration for Your Kitchen Remodel


When beginning your kitchen remodeling in Colorado, along with new appliances, cabinetry and countertops, maybe now is the time to replace those calming neutrals with colors that pop. Add a colorful visual focal point behind the stove or around the sink with a vibrant tile backsplash. These days many appliances are being introduced in really cool modern … [Read more...]