If It’s Been 20 Years Since Your Bathroom Was Designed, It’s Time for a Remodel

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Replacing the shower curtain, rugs, countertop accessories and towels, while bringing a fresh look to your bath, certainly isn't the same as redesigning the space. A complete remodel will bring your bath into the 21st century, increase your resale value, and make time spent in one of the most important rooms in your home so pleasurable. Experts … [Read more...]

Add Interesting Shapes and Patterns to Your Bathroom

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Tired of the same old tried and true bathroom decor? Nothing says every bathroom has to be white fixtures and rounded corners. Make your bath unique by adding texture, color and design. Stop looking at those basic square ceramic tiles and go for something a bit more daring. Organic is so popular these days and the choices are endless when it … [Read more...]

Where to Indulge in a Second Sink

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When sketching out plans for your next kitchen remodeling in Colorado, make including an extra sink a reality without compromising space or appearance with these practical suggestions. One of the most common places for second sink installation is on the kitchen island. This allows for two cooks in the kitchen at the same time. Or prep at the island … [Read more...]

American Standard Has Created a Spa Experience in a Toilet

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When you hear the words "spa experience" your thoughts immediately turn toward a stress-free sauna or steam room, followed by a relaxing massage. Probably the one thing you don't think of is a toilet spa experience, but keep reading; you're definitely going to be surprised at what American Standard has created. When working with folks on their luxury … [Read more...]

Tips to Transform Your Bathtub

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Is your bathtub stained and discolored and there's no money in the household budget to replace it? You don't have to live with a tub that makes you cringe every time you walk in the room. Instead give this easy and less expensive solution a try. Homax makes a tub refinishing kit called Tough as Tile that comes with just about everything you'll … [Read more...]