Increase Your Kitchen Footprint by Stealing Space From Less-Used Areas


You're tired of your outdated and cramped kitchen, but it's hard to imagine how or where the extra room is going to come from to make the space more user friendly. When beginning a kitchen remodeling in Colorado why not consider "borrowing" a couple feet from one of the surrounding rooms? You might just be pleasantly surprised at the outcome! Contemporary … [Read more...]

Using a Mix of Metals in Your Kitchen Design


Mixing metals is one of today's hottest kitchen design trends. Because the majority of the kitchen is cabinetry and countertops, it's simple to add plenty of metal accents for a warm textured look and feel. Easy to install panels in a wide variety of patterns and metallic finishes are perfect for kitchen backsplashes. Select one which complements your stainless … [Read more...]

Take a Weekend to Completely Transform Your Bathroom

bathroom remodeling

Bathroom remodeling in your Colorado home doesn't have to take weeks or months of time and effort. Redecorating your entire bath can be done in just one short weekend with these great tips. Love the vanity but tired of the color? Paint it! You can also go bold and cover it with wallpaper or perhaps even try stenciling the space. Design a room full … [Read more...]

Look for Seamless Backsplashes to Keep Your Kitchen On-Trend


You've finally selected the perfect sink for your kitchen and expect the backsplash surrounding it to be just as fabulous. Seamless backsplashes are the perfect way to give the entire space that visual wow factor. Beach Style Kitchen via Houzz Everyone is so busy these days people are now searching for kitchen remodel ideas which are almost totally maintenance … [Read more...]

How Bathrooms Can Embody High Design


Welcome to the wonderful new world of bathroom design! No longer is the bath used solely for taking care of our daily needs. Now in many homes it's the place to go to relax and unwind. Contemporary Bathroom via Houzz Often when designing a bathroom remodeling in Colorado, instead of borrowing space from an adjoining room, the homeowner just wants the current … [Read more...]