4 Ways to Save Money With Your Plumbing Fixtures

Find out how you can save a bundle with your plumbing fixtures. ©iStockphoto.com/gtrev

You selected the best plumbing fixtures your budget could afford. The quality is unmistakable, the style, timeless. These are fixtures that are here to stay. Now keep those fixtures in perfect working order for years to come along with saving a little money by using these smart plumbing tips. Change out all your standard faucet aerators with low-flow … [Read more...]

You Can Transform Your Kitchen This Summer for Luxury Appeal

contemporary-kitchen (1)

When it comes to kitchen remodeling you often hear the words "practical" "functional" and "user-friendly" batted about but very seldom do you hear "luxurious" in terms of kitchen design. Combining luxury with functionality doesn't have to be difficult when you keep these design ideas in mind. Go bold with the lighting. While pendant lights get … [Read more...]

Bring the Kitchen Under the Stars This Summer


Outdoor kitchens are still hot, hot, hot! People are taking dining under the stars to a new level: cooking outdoors became very popular several years ago and that trend doesn't seem to be dying out anytime soon. No longer are folks content to cook a hot dog over a stadium sized gas grill. Now the sky (or maybe that should be the stars) is the limit … [Read more...]

Your Sink Could be a Work of Art

When is a sink more than just a vessel to hold water? When it's a custom Glass River Design vessel sink! In business since 1985 Melissa Paxton and her husband and partner Joe Price have been creating functional works of art including sinks, backsplashes, shower doors, glass panels and lighted mirrors. Each sink is handcrafted and can be ordered in a round, … [Read more...]

Bring Brightness to a Windowless Bathroom


When designing or remodeling, including windows in a bathroom can be tricky. Privacy is obviously a major concern with window placement, and many baths are located away from outside walls for that reason.  Even those positioned on outside walls can be so compact you can't afford to lose any precious wall space or placed in a part of your home that doesn't … [Read more...]