How the Golden Ratio Can Help Your Bathroom Design


When working with new construction or a complete bath remodel, it's important to utilize the golden ratio so the space can be both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. The golden ratio should go hand in hand with formulas already in place for determining everything from towel bar height to shower size. It is also helpful in the placement of both custom … [Read more...]

No Windows? No Problem: Your Bathroom Can Still Look Open


One thing you don't have to worry about is privacy when you have a bathroom without a window. But at the same time, especially if the rest of your home is full of bright natural light, a windowless bath might just leave you feeling a tad claustrophobic. But these easy and simple suggestions can help solve that problem. When considering your decor, go light. … [Read more...]

Saving Water? Try These Low Flow Toilets


When planning your bathroom remodeling in Colorado are you considering replacing your toilet but concerned your selection of low flow toilets will be limited in style? Toilet designers have recently expanded their repertoire to include toilets that both save water and fit into any decor from modern to vintage. Contemporary Bathroom via Houzz Many bathrooms … [Read more...]

Bring Victorian Flare to Your Washroom With a High Tank Toilet


Have you ever used one of those old fashioned toilets with the tank located near the ceiling and wondered "why?" It's important to stop and remember that plumbing wasn't always as sophisticated as it is today. When residential toilets first became popular gravity was literally the driving force and the higher the tank the easier the flush. Traditional Bathroom via … [Read more...]

BLANCO’s New Sink Offers a Compromise Between a Single Sink and a Divided Sink


There is nothing better than running across a kitchen fixture with loads of versatility. Rampart Supply is proud to offer BLANCO's new DIAMOND low divide sink perfect for both the kitchen gourmet or someone who only cooks on special occasions. Traditional Kitchen via Houzz Single basin farmhouse sinks have gained in popularity over the last couple of years. … [Read more...]